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The Postal Life Insurance is a company which is doing the health insurance and a lots of people are connects to this company and many more people wants to insure to PLI. Some time those are submit the premium and they don’t have time. So the company starts a policy now all candidates can submit premium online so this a good news only login account and pay monthly premium. For more details visit to the official site link:

All candidates should register their account by the company then they are providing a log in password by the help of that password all candidates can login their ID and pay money online. For more detail contact with the company site and check all information.

Postal Life Insurance Online Payment | Register

The Life Insurance is one of the fastest growing sector in India since 2000 as Government allowed Private players and FDI up to 26% and recently Cabinet approved a proposal to increase it to 49% and the Life Insurance in India was nationalized by incorporating Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) in 1956.
All private life insurance companies at that time were taken over by LIC and the Government of India appointed RN Malhotra Committee to lay down a road map for privatization of the life insurance sector in 1993.

Life insurance products come in a variety of offerings catering to the investment needs and objectives of different kinds of investors and following is the list of broad categories of life insurance products: Term Insurance Policies, Money-back Policies, Whole life policies, Unit-linked Investment Policies (ULIP), Pension Policies etc.

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